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Do I Need A Cloud Security Company?

cloud security storage

Security is a major requirement for enterprises and companies that have their resources or data on the cloud. Cloud computing security is essentially nothing but a wider range of controls, technologies and policies that are deployed in order to protect the applications, data and related infrastructure for cloud computing. The cloud computing enables organizations the capability of data storage on data centers belonging to the third party and deploying them in multiple different models such as hybrid, private, public and community. If your requirements and operations rely heavily on cloud computing and you have got critical applications as well as data then you must certainly consider hiring the services of a cloud security company.

The multiple cloud security companies in the market

There are a host of cloud security companies out there who offer their services to the leading software companies and organizations who have large scale operations and data based on the cloud services. It is important to identify the efficient cloud security company that provide their services at reasonable rates and have a good track record of premium services in the industry. It is always recommended that you must analyze the different options that you have by comparing the various companies, their services, their history and read the reviews as well as feedback from the clients that have already used their services. When you have all the information about the different aspects of a cloud security company, you are likely to make an informed decision that will benefit you in the long term.

Let us have a look at some of the top cloud security companies right now that are dominant in the market and provide a good option for your cloud security requirements.

Sophos: The Sophos central is a software and hardware security company responsible for providing security that is coordinated between the endpoints and the firewall via real-time aptitude. Some of the major services offered by the Sophos include improved cloud safety, a well structured plan, identifying threats swiftly and then exploring them, simplifying the security solutions at the enterprise level. The Sophos also offer security solutions for web, servers, email, mobiles and Wi-Fi amongst other applications.

The Sophos has a fairly long experience in the industry as it was founded in the year 1985 and it has approximately 2700 employees on its roster. If you don’t want to hire the services of the Sophos central then you can also try out the free trial version that is available for a month. If you find that the cloud security services provided by the Sophos are beneficial to the operations of your business then you choose to subscribe to the full package or else you can discontinue using their services.

Hytrust: The Hytrust is another popular cloud security company that offers its security services to a number of clients across the board. It basically uses automation for the security controls that are associated with the computing or networking thus managing to attain maximum visibility as well as data protection. Some of the specific services offered by Hytrust include virtualization and cloud security, management of encryption key, cloud encryption and automated compliance amongst other services. The efficiency of Hytrust is evident from the high profile clients on its list such as IBM Cloud, Amazon web, VMware and Cisco among others. The Hytrust was founded in the year 2007 and currently it has approximately 200 employees on its roster. If you need more details about Hytrust and the cloud security services they provide then you can visit their official website for more information on their policies, rates, reviews and everything that you need to know.

Cipher cloud: Cipher cloud is another extremely popular cloud security company that has got an impressive list of clients on its cv and has been around for quite some time now. The Cipher cloud provides protection for your cloud storage and applications through incorporation of data protection and monitoring, cloud detection and risk analysis. The Cipher cloud has now extended its services to cover more sectors than it did earlier such as finance, government, insurance, healthcare and pharmacy and telecommunication among others. The comprehensive security services that this company provides includes prevention of data loss, cloud computing as well as security, cloud encryption, tokenization among other in all the sectors.

The Cipher cloud was founded in the year 2010 and it has got about 500 employees on its roster. Some of the big name clients on the list of Cipher cloud includes Dropbox, Google drive, SAP, Office 365 and OneDrive among others. For details regarding the free trial version and other information about their services, policies, rates and reviews from clients you can visit their official website.

If your business operation rely heavily on cloud computing and storage then you must consider hiring the services of any of these cloud security companies.